World First Market Intelligence on Food into Asia

TradeWorthy is thrilled to announce the release of three “Market Insight Reports” on food and beverage opportunities in Asia.

We are proud of our work in preparing the reports, which are now released through the Australian Food & Grocery Council (AFGC).

These reports are a true world first.

Most information in the public domain focuses on generic opportunities and background information. The innovation in these Market Insight Reports is the detail of the data collected across 12 specific products in 3 key growth markets in Asia – China, Thailand & Malaysia.

By focusing on specific product categories, the reports allow food and beverage makers to instantly determine, for each specific product category:

– whether they can match target market prices

– whether their size & packaging is comparable or needs to change

– who are their key competitors in target markets

– who are the key distributors/retailers for their products.

Want to get the reports? Contact Kathrin Kittler at