Meet the team.

TradeWorthy – based in Australia – is a dedicated Asian trade and investment advisory and research firm.
We work with companies on their individual trade and investment objectives in the Asia-Pacific region and Governments and industry associations on industry engagement and trade/investment policy.
TradeWorthy, established in 2010, brings together a network of well-connected country experts around the Asia-Pacific, anchored by our Melbourne office. This model brings the best local knowledge to our clients. We support all clients through the partnership phase – from research, to negotiation, due diligence, contracts, company registration, and property and recruitment requirements.

Danny Burrows

Danny is an international trade and investment specialist,with a wealth of experience. He is a trusted adviser for large corporations, as well as Governments from around the Asia-Pacific.

Kathrin Kittler

Kathrin is a corporate finance specialist with expertise in the manufacturing and resources sector and formerly advised on manufacturing sector innovation projects.

Tananya Huyanan
Associate (Bangkok)

Tananya is an international trade and investment specialist with a wealth of experience advising government, industry groups and industry leaders around the ASEAN and East Asian regions.

Tuong Bui Van
Associate (Hanoi)

Tuong Bui, based in Hanoi, Vietnam, specialises in inward foreign investment into Vietnam.

Nico Rumagit
Associate (Jakarta)

Nico, our Jakarta-based Associate, has deep experience in driving successful foreign investment projects in Indonesia.